I am an emerging documentary wedding photographer based in Kent.

Getting married myself in 2014, I have been on the receiving end of a wedding shoot so I know exactly where you’re at right now. My wife and I (it still sounds weird saying it!) commissioned a photographer that we felt captured us and the style we were looking for – really important. You also have to get a good feeling for the photographer, they will afterall be sharing your biggest and most important day with you. When we saw our results it was emotional, exciting and amazing all in one split second.

Photography for me happened accidentally – previously I’d spent 13 years working as both Creative Director and Graphic Designer forleading London brand and design agencies. One day I bought a camera and there became a clear creative crossover, I realised design and photography worked hand in hand and shared a lot of the same skills and techniques.
Five years on and here I am shooting something, someone, somewhere, every week – loving the freedom of my subject (yes my office is anywhere in the world!), the creative possibilities and opportunities in everything I look at. If I had to sell myself and my work to someone in a lift I’d say my style isn’t mainstream or traditional, it's alternative and emotional – it’s not staged or setup but natural capturing real connections between people. It’s adventurous, full of life and tells peoples stories.

I live with my wife, Natalie, in Kent with our little sausage dog (Slinky), we drive a 1969 VW Camper van and enjoy quirky alternative things (think tattoo conventions, typography and american cars!)

Below is my adventure journal, these are shots taken daily and further represent the documentary style of my work. Follow me and keep up to date on my latest adventures...